YouTube Is Full Of Scams Promising Free OnlyFans Content

Instructional videos for access to “OnlyFans Premium” content spread on YouTube.

There are pages and pages of fraudulent videos on YouTube that offer free access to OnlyFans content if you take a few steps to “unlock” or “hack” so-called “premium” accounts.

Most of these videos were posted on YouTube about three months ago when OnlyFans started marketing themselves to make money in unprecedented unemployment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A month ago, a “leak” of stolen content from OnlyFans shook the sex worker community when a database of videos that previously held paid subscription accounts went viral online.

These videos, instructing users to download and interact with the app for a period of time to access OnlyFans that never happen, follow a playbook that targets everything that is popular online right now. For a while, Fortnite_ themed scams have been popular on YouTube to get free game currency using the same method. Now that OnlyFans has gained popularity as people flocked to the income and entertainment platform during the pandemic, it’s the new scam _du jour, and YouTube is full of videos that claim viewers can subscribe in just a few easy steps -OnlyFans content can be accessed.

Motherboard saw one of these videos on our YouTube homepage as paid advertising. This means that the video creator paid YouTube to increase its reach on the platform. The title of the video was “Learn How To Get OnlyFan’s Premium Account” and the thumbnail showed it as a “Fans Only Hack”. YouTube removed the video, which was viewed over a million times at the time after we asked the company for a comment, and referred to the platform’s fraudulent content policies that prohibit free posting of videos that “money, products, Software or game benefits promise if viewers do it for free. ” Install software, download an app, or perform other tasks. ”

Motherboard was still able to find dozens of similar scam videos on YouTube. Using the search term “OnlyFans Hack” only seven have been uploaded in the last 24 hours alone, but they appear under different variations of “free”, “hacked” and “2020” with different videos of the same scam.

The scam usually involves asking viewers to go to a specific URL for “injection” (it is not clear what that means) or starting the process by going to a page instructed to do so, several random ones Download apps or “offers” that have nothing to do with OnlyFans. You will then be asked to open the apps and tap on them. From there, the scam videos usually jump to the end and show the host on an OnlyFans account page, where only subscriber content is activated. If this step appears at all, the video will be cut so you can’t see how they got there.

Do you have any insight into how OnlyFans, MyFreeCams or other adult platforms work? We’d love to hear from you. Contact Samantha Cole safely via signal at +6469261726, direct message on Twitter or email:

None of these offer OnlyFans content for free. OnlyFan’s “Premium” doesn’t even exist, but it seems to be a term used by YouTubers to refer to subscription content for individual models. The scams are likely to encourage app downloading. The motherboard tested the steps in one of the scam videos and confirmed that we actually did not receive free OnlyFans content or “hacked” OnlyFans.

The popularity of these videos shows how mainstream OnlyFans has become in the past few months and how many users will continue to make great efforts to avoid paying sex workers for their work despite growing demand.

How to cancel OnlyFans account

To cancel the registration of OnlyFans, follow the steps below

Log in to your OnlyFans account.
Find a user profile that you do not want to download.
Turn off the Auto-New switch.

Alternatively, contact and they may delete your subscription to you.

Note that you cannot get refunds for deregistration.

Email and ask them to delete your account.

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Top ten software and apps of the week

The editorial team offers you its weekly selection of new software, applications and updates. On the program for the August 10, 2018 edition: Fortnite, Thunderbird, Near Escape, Math and Sorcery …

1. Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale, the Epic Games game everyone is talking about, is finally available on Android. For the free beta hour that you need to sign up for, the game is only functional on certain models of Samsung devices. The happy owners of Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8 +, S9, S9 +, Note 8, Note 9, TabS3 and Tab S4 can therefore already benefit from it, but other terminals should be compatible in the coming days .

As a reminder, Fortnite Battle Royale puts you in the shoes of a hero parachuted on an island and who will have to face 99 other players to hope to be the last survivor. In the middle of this gigantic battlefield, you must build your camp to protect yourself from others, but above all go on an exploration in order to collect weapons to defend yourself and what to support your basic needs. To hope to increase your chances of survival, you can establish alliances with other players, just long enough to eliminate the most formidable opponents. You can then only count on you and will have to fight a solo battle to bring your opponents from life to death in order to ensure victory.

2. Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird, the Mozilla Foundation email client is taking advantage of a major update this week, bringing it to version 60.0. This refresh inaugurates the adoption of the design of Firefox Photon, and unveils many new features. Among these, Thunderbird includes a button to quickly delete a recipient and reviews its attachment management system which now displays a panel grouping all attached files.

Thunderbird also simplifies proofreading emails written in multiple languages. The program allows you to quickly change the language of the spell checker, provided of course that you have downloaded other dictionaries beforehand. The software now includes a light theme and a dark theme to better match your mood.

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3. CCleaner

While Piriform released version 5.45 of CCleaner a few weeks ago, the publisher backed down and reverted its cleaning and optimization software to version 5.44. In question, the implementation of new functionalities accused of collecting data too intrusively.

The Active Monitoring monitoring module, which monitors the system to warn the user when cleaning is necessary, has indeed been reinforced in version 5.45 with the integration of the Heartbeat function which extended the machine’s data collection . As a result, it had become impossible to close CCleaner – which continued to run in the background – without killing the application through the Windows task manager.

By leaving users no choice, anger began to grow, prompting the publisher to delete the controversial version of CCleaner in favor of the previous version.

4. LibreOffice

The Document Foundation has just released a major update to its open source LibreOffice office suite. Stamped 6.1, LibreOffice unveils two new icon themes: Colibre, activated by default under Windows, which respects Microsoft’s design specifications and which allows it to display a look close to what exists on the office suite Office, and Karasa Jaga.

LibreOffice 6.1 also benefits from a new image management module that allows the software to be faster and more fluid, with a loading time of documents in Microsoft proprietary formats.

5. Glary Utilities

The Glary Utilities cleaning and optimization utility has been updated to version 5.103. In the program of changes, the disk cleaning module can now operate with the residue left by Foxit Reader and Sony Vegas Pro while the trace removal tool now manages Foxit Reader and Corel VideoStudio Pro x8. The option to clean up duplicate files has been improved, as has the boot manager. A new boot control menu is also appearing to simplify the use of the program.

For the rest, minor improvements have been made to the software interface, and the bugs listed in the previous version have been fixed.

6. Adobe Fill & Sign

Do you only have a smartphone or tablet to fill out a form? Adobe Fill & Sign helps you in this often painful task by chewing your work. After answering standard questions frequently asked in forms, the application is able to fill all (almost) all the forms that you submit to it. Text fields are automatically detected, and just tap any field to select the custom autofill entries you have saved.

Adobe Fill & Sign does not stop there since the application is also capable of scanning your paper forms and allows you to affix an electronic handwritten signature that you can make with your finger or using a stylus.

7. Firefox Lockbox for iPhone

Unveiled a few weeks ago by Mozilla, the Firefox Lockbox password manager, currently only available on iPhone, has just been updated. If some bugs were fixed, this refresh mainly helped to optimize certain functions of the application. The automatic lock function that activates after a certain period of inactivity is now paused when you are on a web page so that you no longer have to unlock the application again after reading the FAQ or submitting your comments to developers.

Finally, the Firefox Lockbox icon has been revised, a display bug in the default browser selection panel has been resolved, and two new durations have been added to the automatic lock options (15 and 30 minutes).

8. Near Escape

As a terrible virus spreads through the air and the majority of the population has been wiped out, a minority of survivors, including yourself, must fight to survive. Near Escape drops you in the middle of a street you just woke up to. Completely amnesiac sprawled in a pool of blood, you don’t know who you are or what’s going on. By leaving to explore the surroundings, you quickly understand that you can only count on yourself to hope to survive and understand what is happening.

The city is in the grip of chaos, and hordes of zombies prowl in search of fresh flesh. Walk the streets, explore the buildings, and collect everything you find during your trip: food, medicine, weapons, anything that can be used to keep you alive can be useful all the more as little by little, your memory comes back. Take cover and be discreet so as not to attract zombies sensitive to the slightest noise, otherwise you will have no other choice but to leave in confrontation, remembering to aim your head.

9. Vista Golf

If golf games can seem off-putting, Vista Golf offers an alternative that is as convincing as it is relaxing. Requiring skill and a touch of luck, Vista Golf is a mini-golf game taking place on 18 aerial holes with convoluted architecture. Thanks to a simplified control system that allows you to both aim and measure the power of the strike, Vista Golf challenges you to complete the course with fewer strokes than the par required. To get there, you will have to take into account the relief of each hole and measure your shot enough to bounce on the border area which will send your ball to the bottom of the hole.

If you succeed, you will enter the general classification of the table in which players from all over the world compete. Each week, Vista Golf unveils three new courses that the best golfers will have to complete. And if you do not have the soul of a competitor, the game offers an infinite mode in which you can freely play the 18 holes of your courses.

10. Math and Sorcery

Why not combine pleasure with the useful? Math and Sorcery is a turn-based game mixing RPG and puzzle and proposing to test your mental math skills to advance in the scenario. While the powerful Math and Witchcraft book has been stolen from the Mathula Account, you are sent to find it and bring it back. To do this, you must train and improve your mental arithmetic skills by solving additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions as quickly as possible to increase your multiplier during the attacks you make against monsters and enemies who cross your path.

Sporting a pixel art style, Math and Sorcery offers you to explore a hundred levels spread over four areas with the help of new companions who will increase your different skills. Make strategic choices before starting a fight and become unbeatable in mental arithmetic to hope to bring the book back to the library