TikTok reveal $200 million fund for U.S. creators

TikTok  today announced a $ 200 million fundraiser, aimed at helping top American creators increase their revenue, and possibly hold the next Charli D’Amelio out of wood.

Called the TikTok Design Fund, the fund aims to help “qualified” founders on the platform earn money. Qualifications are currently defined as 18 years or older, meeting specific (unspecified) fan base, and regularly posting original content that complies with TikTok’s community guidelines. The platform will begin receiving applications from creators based in the U.S. starting next month and expanding the capital next year.

The promise of payment comes with a great time for the app and its Chinese parent ByteDance. TikTok has been facing increasing criticism in the US, which is its largest market for revenue, for its handling of user data and its obligations with China, over calls from Trump executives to ban the openly popular app.

And in response to that, TikTok has been taking steps to introduce a friendly face to the US. He has promised to add 10,000 more workers to the US, and this week there are rumors that US investors are considering buying a certain amount of business from TikTok back from ByteDance to get the company’s power in Chinese hands.

(It is unclear whether the latter is a sound test, or a rumor, but as a divorce, these days, ByteDance and TikTok are trying very hard to show that they are not connected, if you just pass the way they treat their PR: Chinese speakers will not answer TikTok questions and refer journalists to the US team.)

Vanessa Pappas, GM of the business of TikTok, in the U.S., in a post that B ByteDance is starting the Creator’s Fund for $ 200 million and plans to raise it over time. He did not disclose how TikTok could determine how much each creator would pay, and whether there could be additional payment options. (Ask us about this and how many fan creators would need to have it right, and we’ll review as we learn more.)

TikTok is already helping its creators sign a brand partnership with sponsored products, and offers to make money from live streaming. The platform also has a $ 50 million Creative Learning Fund fund to introduce teachers on the platform, used by about 1,000 teachers in the U.S. And Creator Market connects brands and creators to participate in paid campaigns.

“Through the TikTok Design Fund, our creators will be able to earn extra money earning their time, attention and dedication in constructive communication with viewers inspired by their ideas,” he said.

TikTok currently employs about 1,400 people in the U.S. And they have recently crossed the border of $ 2 billion worldwide. Last year, it said it had 26 million users in the U.S.

Several lawmakers including Senator Chuck Schumer and Tom Cotton have expressed concern in recent months that TikTok user data could end up colluding with the Chinese government. China-headquartered ByteDance insists that it does not share user information with the Chinese government, and that it maintains its U.S.-based user data. Earlier this week lawmakers in the House voted 336-71 to bar government employees from using TikTok on government-issued devices.

TikTok, who appointed Disney chief executive Kevin Mayer as its chief executive in May this year, also emphasized that it is the Cayman Islands that are included.

At the moment, it seems that the programs launched by TikTok are mainly designed to fight this fire in the US. It did not respond to a request for comment asking what was being done to help the creators of other markets increase their profits.

India, where TikTok has more than 200 million users and more than 1 million creators, banned TikTok and 58 other applications developed by Chinese firms late last month over concerns about cybersecurity. Its neighboring country Pakistan issued a “final warning” to TikTok earlier this week about what it considered to be immoral.

Mixer shuts down

As I write this, the top channel in Mixer is now broadcasting a Pokémon Yellow broadcast played by anyone in question – á la Twitch Plays Pokémon. It is labeled “YouPlay Gifts: Mixer Doomsday Group. Let’s go one last time! (Day 19/19), ”and 1,337 in attendance. Almost every other detail on the site is named after the same topic. It is largely uplifted by previous radio stations that encourage viewers to follow Twitch broadcasters and radioers on AFK but broadcast the game anyway. Although its strike may be suspended, Mixer is dead, and the site closed today with a Microsoft announcement in June.

This was not always the case. Although Mixer tracks almost every other live streaming site on almost any metric you can name, they have been able to develop a dedicated community of partners who love to broadcast on site because it is small and very sticky. It wasn’t Twitch. Mixer also started a war of segregation of people working differently, setting wages with great talent and initiating some unpopular negotiations across the industry, which could be its lasting legacy. And the technology that enabled the site was incredibly low, which meant that developers could communicate with their viewers almost in real time. But the site has never captured a large, regular audience, which requires Microsoft to specify how much it costs to keep the lights on.

I spent most of last month talking to Mixer partners about the closure. They were all amazed at how quickly things turned out; to one person, they felt as if they had lost their home. I got a real sense of community from them, as some of the broadcast on the site was almost family. Most of those people decided to go to Twitch, a place where, for some reason, they never felt welcome. For me, the most important thing about talking to those broadcasters is hearing about their departure from other activities, because their job now is to build their audience in a new environment. You can’t take all your viewers with you because there is no way to directly quantify the conditions that led to your channel – you can re-capture it, actually.

That said, you can also create a community of radio editors. Shortly after the announcement of Mixer’s “strategic partnership” with Facebook Gaming, the spreadsheet began streaming between Mixer (and earlier, Beam) a very long platform. It was a new Twitch username repository, designed to help developers find each other. There, written alphabetically and linked, it was the people who made Mixer what it is, ready to show each other again.

Over 50% of US kids play Roblox and it’s about to host Fortnite-esque virtual parties too

More than half of the US kids are currently playing Roblox. Moreover, the game is about to host Fortnite-esque virtual parties too.

Fortnite’s prestigious free-to-play article has shown that people, especially children, are willing to move to attractive spaces for catching metups and groups as a means of communication during the epidemic. Many of those kids are probably playing with Roblox, too. The company recently told The Press that more than half of US children and young people under the age of 16 are playing the game – and this week, Roblox is adding his own private space to host private clubs and social gatherings.

Unlike the Royale mode of Fortnite’s Party, which is a small public island full of activities that the whole community can enjoy, including concerts and recording of movies sponsored by Epic Games itself, “The Roblox Place” is a specific venue for actors who will host their events.

Party Party is currently in beta testing and is free to enter; previously used by developers to host their own sporting events, including One World: Together at Visible Home Concert in April. That same month, developers began hosting players who wanted to host social-focused events by opening “Play Together,” a move that made creating and joining standalone servers via Roblox cheaper than 10 Robux (about 12 cents) per server.

Here’s how Roblox defines “Play Together”:

An easy way to find games that allow you to participate in fun activities with others, such as visiting supermarkets, camping, or hiking, all while staying in a safe and healthy environment.

However, developers can now offer those independent servers for free, and they can opt for Party Place if they want to host a birthday party in that Roblox category.

Roblox introduced it in September 2006 and is one of the many games players, especially children, used to stay in touch with their friends while in solitary confinement. In March, Roblox saw a 40 percent increase in users; In April, Roblox Corporation told Bloomberg that “two-thirds of all American children between the ages of 9 and 12 use Roblox, and are played by a third of all Americans under the age of 16.” In just three months, that number has now grown from “a third” to “more than half” of all Americans in those years, and the company claims to have 120 million active players every month.

YouTube Is Full Of Scams Promising Free OnlyFans Content

Instructional videos for access to “OnlyFans Premium” content spread on YouTube.

There are pages and pages of fraudulent videos on YouTube that offer free access to OnlyFans content if you take a few steps to “unlock” or “hack” so-called “premium” accounts.

Most of these videos were posted on YouTube about three months ago when OnlyFans started marketing themselves to make money in unprecedented unemployment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A month ago, a “leak” of stolen content from OnlyFans shook the sex worker community when a database of videos that previously held paid subscription accounts went viral online.

These videos, instructing users to download and interact with the app for a period of time to access OnlyFans that never happen, follow a playbook that targets everything that is popular online right now. For a while, Fortnite_ themed scams have been popular on YouTube to get free game currency using the same method. Now that OnlyFans has gained popularity as people flocked to the income and entertainment platform during the pandemic, it’s the new scam _du jour, and YouTube is full of videos that claim viewers can subscribe in just a few easy steps -OnlyFans content can be accessed.

Motherboard saw one of these videos on our YouTube homepage as paid advertising. This means that the video creator paid YouTube to increase its reach on the platform. The title of the video was “Learn How To Get OnlyFan’s Premium Account” and the thumbnail showed it as a “Fans Only Hack”. YouTube removed the video, which was viewed over a million times at the time after we asked the company for a comment, and referred to the platform’s fraudulent content policies that prohibit free posting of videos that “money, products, Software or game benefits promise if viewers do it for free. ” Install software, download an app, or perform other tasks. ”

Motherboard was still able to find dozens of similar scam videos on YouTube. Using the search term “OnlyFans Hack” only seven have been uploaded in the last 24 hours alone, but they appear under different variations of “free”, “hacked” and “2020” with different videos of the same scam.

The scam usually involves asking viewers to go to a specific URL for “injection” (it is not clear what that means) or starting the process by going to a page instructed to do so, several random ones Download apps or “offers” that have nothing to do with OnlyFans. You will then be asked to open the apps and tap on them. From there, the scam videos usually jump to the end and show the host on an OnlyFans account page, where only subscriber content is activated. If this step appears at all, the video will be cut so you can’t see how they got there.

Do you have any insight into how OnlyFans, MyFreeCams or other adult platforms work? We’d love to hear from you. Contact Samantha Cole safely via signal at +6469261726, direct message on Twitter or email: samantha.cole@vice.com

None of these offer OnlyFans content for free. OnlyFan’s “Premium” doesn’t even exist, but it seems to be a term used by YouTubers to refer to subscription content for individual models. The scams are likely to encourage app downloading. The motherboard tested the steps in one of the scam videos and confirmed that we actually did not receive free OnlyFans content or “hacked” OnlyFans.

The popularity of these videos shows how mainstream OnlyFans has become in the past few months and how many users will continue to make great efforts to avoid paying sex workers for their work despite growing demand.

Netflix offers free documentaries on YouTube

For educational purposes, Netflix has decided to provide some flagship documentaries during containment. The surprising choice is that the SVOD service is placed on YouTube instead of creating special areas on its website.

In the United States, Netflix has established partnerships with certain schools. The streaming service allows them to access certain content that is considered to be educational in order to watch it with students. Problem, the school is closed and they cannot access it.

As a result, the SVOD service decided to release nine documentaries (including the excellent Our Planet) on its US YouTube channel and provide subtitles in multiple languages. Netflix invites teachers to recommend them to students for discussion through video conferencing. Of course, everyone can use it.

Wonderful choice for YouTube

Of course, some people may wonder why Netflix chose YouTube over its own platform to make this gift. Is this a way to increase visibility by using Google’s suggestions? Is this a technical limitation? Or just shut out people without a Netflix account? In any case, in addition to these YouTube videos, Netflix also provides teachers with documentation to help them prepare for the course.

In addition to “Notre Dame” (providing incredible images of nature), there are documentaries “Baby”, “Explanation” and “Thirteen”. Whether you are a student or limited to research content, you should treat yourself well.

Netflix can now lock your mobile screen

The Netflix mobile app now allows you to lock the screen during playback to prevent unnecessary operations.

Netlix subscribers who are used to watching their favorite TV series from a smartphone screen will be happy. The platform is deploying its application updates to Android to integrate a very useful new feature.

Now, while reading the program, users can lock their screens. This new feature takes place directly next to the button next to the lower navigation bar, which allows you to view episodes, change the language or go to the next episode.

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When activated, the screen lock deletes all other control buttons to prevent accidental presses, such as pausing or accidentally starting the next episode. Then press the lock button twice to return to the normal display of the Netflix control.


Source : 9to5Google

Microsoft is taking action to cope with the 775% increase in the use of its cloud services

Azure: Microsoft's cloud services infrastructure

Azure, Microsoft’s gigantic cloud services infrastructure, is under heavy demand in countries or regions of the globe where containment or distancing measures have been taken.

Demand up more than 775% compared to a normal period. No, this is not a figure given by the toilet paper industry but by Microsoft about the activity of its titanic network of Azure servers. It covers the whole planet and runs all of its services, from the most professional to the general public and is, of course, under severe strain in these times of compulsory confinement.

The Virtual Desktop solution (three times more in demand than usual), Teams (communication), the Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live or even Mixer (Twitch competitor) are among the applications in greatest demand today .

See also: Netflix offers free documentaries on YouTube

Because of this high attendance and for the entire infrastructure to hold up, Microsoft has dispatched teams of engineers specialized in its various data centers and is forced to act on the algorithms and software responsible for controlling bandwidths and their good distributions and distributions.

Xbox Live and Teams affected

Measures had already been taken by Microsoft last week but they are reinforced. For example, it’s no longer possible to upload a custom profile photo or custom wallpapers to Xbox Live. Players should be content with the icons and backgrounds offered by the service at the moment. What lighten the load in the pipes but, also, the work of moderators who check the compliance of everything that is loaded on MS servers.

Microsoft also claims to have agreed with its game studios that they only push updates “during peak off-season on the Web, depending on the region of the world”.

Among the other adjustments made in the multitude of Microsoft software, we note the drop in definition of videos in Teams or the disappearance of the little notification that told you that your correspondent was entering text in a window.