Free LinkSnappy Premium Account login password October 2020

What is

Content Coordinator: Allows you to drag files from multiple cloud storage services into an easy-to-use panel!

File transfer system: Supported protocols include http, ftp, p2p

Some fantastic features

Media Player: View your video files hosted in the cloud using our embedded player.

jD Integration: Use jD as you normally would. It automatically receives your files from all hosts as a premium user!

Privacy Guard: Secure transfers, your IP address will never be disclosed to a third party. You can delete your account at any time!

Browser Plugins: Turn your web browser into a force by taking the functionality of LinkSnappy with you for every webpage

Why Take LinkSnappy from us?

Since we are a LinkSnappy sharer – a professionally recognized with great results. We use 100% secure tariffs: 100% secure & anonymous, 100% guaranteed, SSL secure – our website is 256bit SSL secure & we respect your privacy. Premium Custor strives to provide 24/7 service, and of course quick delivery is the most important feature we offer.

What are the benefits of LinkSnappy Premium?

Premium download speed from more than 60+ other file hosts
Quick bug fixes and chat support available 24×7
7 days instant money back guarantee
Personal Downloads (No IP Addresses or Registration of Downloads!)
Stream file hosts and torrents without downloading
JDownloader, Chrome and Firefox Plugins for Automatic Connect Premium Creation

Some LinkSnappy fantastic features:

1. Streaming
View video files hosted on file hosts and torrents using our online video player. See how

2. jDownloader integration
Use jDownloader as you normally would. It will automatically download as a premium user from all file hosts! See how

3. Privacy Guard
Secure downloads, your IP address will never be disclosed to file hosts / torrent trackers. You can delete your account at any time!

4. Browser Plugins
Turn your web browser into a download power by taking with you the functionality of LinksNapy for every webpage. Look now

If you want to know how high it is, use the premium coupon to purchase the LinkSnappy premium voucher from the LinkSnappy PayPal reseller to upgrade your account premium. You will definitely get access to dozens of other file hosting and sharing services that are useful.

LinkSnappy Premium Coupon via PayPal, Visa / MasterCard …

If you want to try our service, you can sign up for an account today for free and learn the benefits of having an online storage account. If you find the service inadequate or exceed your expectations, you can go ahead and upgrade our premium account. Firegate guarantees that you will not regret the upgrade due to the premium service you receive. Try this today! We are the official Lynx Snapdragon reseller, you can buy cheap LinkSnappy premium via PayPal

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