Godaddy Vs Namecheap Full Review October 2020

Godaddy Vs Namecheap is a comprehensive review of 2020

There are many service providers like Domain providers and proxy providers, today in this digital world and hosting companies are growing well in the industry but all companies have Processes and cos but in this article, we will compare Godaddy vs Namecheap.


Namecheap was founded in 2000 by a company that registers a domain and also provides a web hosting solution to its client. According to the hazer of life Namecheap was voted the most powerful registration company in 2010 to 12th.


Godaddy is an American based name and hosting service provider containing at least 18.5 million Registry users and 9000 people working for the company.

Godaddy vs Namecheap

In this review, we will compare Godaddy and Namecheap to read the entire guide and decide who to choose.


Both GoDaddy and Namecheap both offer domain service, Currently, Godaddy’s domain price is $ 11.99 / Year while Namecheap has a domain value of $ 8.28 / year.

But before buying a domain for both of these companies first search online for a coupon code because these companies are sharing in real time their coupon code / which will help reduce prices in terms of discount.

Godaddy and Namecheap offer .com .net .co .co .pk .org etc. Each domain extension for each domain domain differs in price. But Namecheap is better in price than Godaddy + Namecheap offers free privacy protection

User experience

Namecheap has a simple and hygienic user interface for Shopping to capture and domain easily. My favorite thing about Namecheap during Domain purchases is to navigate to the Cart page after selecting a domain and looking for> How to Pay

Other than that if we compare it to Godaddy they are annoying as the user experience at the time of purchase includes something different and then Give the Buy option otherwise take it out.

Customer service:

Namecheap has instant Customer Service on Chat methods but does not have phone support while Godaddy supports live chat + Phone service is best to discuss every problem that arises.

Speed ​​and Upime

Let’s talk about the speed and time these companies Namecheap and GoDaddy offer the same guaranteed services and over 99.9% of all surviving customers.

But when it comes to Namecheap’s fast response server is 30% faster than GoDaddy due to the GoDaddy problem at a slower pace.

Web hosting

Both companies have a separate chart where Namecheap offers a lower cost of web hosting than GoDaddy.

Both Company Services


Namecheap provides a variety of services such as
Name of the farm
Web hosting
Email hosting
Cloud-based services


Godaddy provides many services including

Name of the farm
Web hosting
Website marketing
Web Security
Email and Office

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