Over 50% of US kids play Roblox and it’s about to host Fortnite-esque virtual parties too

More than half of the US kids are currently playing Roblox. Moreover, the game is about to host Fortnite-esque virtual parties too.

Fortnite’s prestigious free-to-play article has shown that people, especially children, are willing to move to attractive spaces for catching metups and groups as a means of communication during the epidemic. Many of those kids are probably playing with Roblox, too. The company recently told The Press that more than half of US children and young people under the age of 16 are playing the game – and this week, Roblox is adding his own private space to host private clubs and social gatherings.

Unlike the Royale mode of Fortnite’s Party, which is a small public island full of activities that the whole community can enjoy, including concerts and recording of movies sponsored by Epic Games itself, “The Roblox Place” is a specific venue for actors who will host their events.

Party Party is currently in beta testing and is free to enter; previously used by developers to host their own sporting events, including One World: Together at Visible Home Concert in April. That same month, developers began hosting players who wanted to host social-focused events by opening “Play Together,” a move that made creating and joining standalone servers via Roblox cheaper than 10 Robux (about 12 cents) per server.

Here’s how Roblox defines “Play Together”:

An easy way to find games that allow you to participate in fun activities with others, such as visiting supermarkets, camping, or hiking, all while staying in a safe and healthy environment.

However, developers can now offer those independent servers for free, and they can opt for Party Place if they want to host a birthday party in that Roblox category.

Roblox introduced it in September 2006 and is one of the many games players, especially children, used to stay in touch with their friends while in solitary confinement. In March, Roblox saw a 40 percent increase in users; In April, Roblox Corporation told Bloomberg that “two-thirds of all American children between the ages of 9 and 12 use Roblox, and are played by a third of all Americans under the age of 16.” In just three months, that number has now grown from “a third” to “more than half” of all Americans in those years, and the company claims to have 120 million active players every month.